What is PST Surface Treatment?

Philos® Surface Treatment, or simply PSTTM, is a revolutionary surface treatment for your tooling and components that has been proven in hundreds of applications.

PST surface treatment is a patented nitrogen-titanium diffusion technology that hardens the tooling's surface to HV1200~1450 (HRc 71~75) and penetrates up to 75~125 μm (0.003~0.005").

pst surface treatment

pst surface treatment

PST surface treatment is a low temperature (430~670⁰C) process that maintains the tooling’s dimensional consistency with minimal distortion or size change.

PST surface treatment enhances all the key tooling characteristics:

  • High tensile strength
  • Superior elasticity
  • Increased resistance to heat checking, galling, corrosion and wear

pst surface treatment


PST surface treatment can be applied to a variety of tooling and component materials, such as:

  • Hot work tool steels: H13, H13-Modifieds
  • Cold work tool steels: D2, D2-Modifieds
  • High speed tool steels: M1-M42, M47
  • PM tool steels
  • Carbon steels: 1010-1050
  • Stainless steels: 300-400 Series, 17-4

PST surface treatment can be applied on any size tooling or component, everything from small parts that weigh ounces, punches that weigh pounds, to very large forging dies that weigh tons.


Because of the enhanced surface hardness and toughness characteristics that the PST surface treatment provides to your tooling and components, you enjoy a number of benefits from PST

With PST surface treatment, you get better tooling that yield better quality parts and more output per tool change.



With PST surface treatment, your tooling lasts longer, which means you will:

  • Need less number of tooling changes
  • Spend less time and money on maintenance
  • Keep up more uptime

Your investment on PST surface treatment will not only pay off very quickly, but over the long run you will end up saving more time and money with PST.


PST Surface Treatment: Additional Information

PST Surface Treatment Brochure
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